Welcome to Fun City.

Hi. Welcome to Fun City by me, Laura Nahmias. I am a former member of the Daily News Editorial Board and a former New York City and state politics reporter at POLITICO. I love New York.

By an accident of fate, this newsletter is beginning operations just a couple of days before what I think we can safely call the most critically important local election in recent memory.

So, in the extremely immediate future, the newsletter will focus on providing what I hope is valuable context about the races, both before and after Election Day. There’s a high likelihood we won’t know the actual outcome of the NYC mayoral primary race, at least, for many days, if not weeks, after June 22nd.

After, I want to broaden scope, finding answers to your big questions about how New York works. If you ever wondered, why does New York have so many wacky third party ballot lines? I can answer that.

If you ever wondered, why does Gov. Andrew Cuomo consistently ask himself questions and then answer them himself in press conferences? I can answer that!

If you wanted to know who’s lobbying behind the scenes to get big, high-profile contracts like the multi-million dollar deal inked to supply NYPD officers with body cameras, I can answer that too.

If you’ve got a burning question you want answered, drop it in the comments here.

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If you’ve got a burning question but you want to remain anonymous, then email me, at laura.nahmias@gmail.com.

And if you’ve got a tip to share about something in city and state politics you believe warrants further scrutiny, please email me.

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